How to get an advanced directive or living will in Dallas TX

Monarch Senior Solutions helps seniors and their families living in the Dallas-area. We’re partnered with the highest-quality elder law firms to ensure all of our clients have the opportunity to get an advanced directive or living will in place if they need it.

An advance directive can establish what the holder wants done for their medical care if they find themselves in a situation where they are determined to be unfit to make their own decisions. This usually happens due to deteriorating mental capacity, terminal illness, or an extended state of unconsciousness. Having a living will in place ensures the holder gets the treatment they want rather than leaving the decision making to family members. Likewise, the same document can be used to appoint a proxy who can make those decisions on the holder’s behalf.

There are checks in place to determine when advance directives can and should be acted upon so that someone is not taken advantage of. Two physicians must assess the holder is no longer able to make their own medical decisions or that they suffer from a qualifying illness or condition. These same requirements must also be made before medical power of attorney (as laid out in the living will) can be acted on.

Advance directives are legal documents and as such followed when they are finalized and signed by the relevant parties in the presence of witnesses. While a lawyer isn’t needed to draw up a living will, their help is invaluable. The caring team at Monarch Senior Solutions, alongside our partners, will ensure these final wishes are correctly documented, and made as clear as possible to avoid any future confusion. There can be a lot of considerations that need to be made with living wills so be aware of those issues.

As you travel the path to graceful senior aging, don’t overlook the importance of having a living will in place. You want to be aware of it for your own piece of mind and for those of your family and loved ones. One simple document can help minimize the stress and impact that an end-of-life situation can bring. To learn more about how Monarch Senior Solutions, please reach out to us today for more information.