What To Look For In A Home Care Assistant In Plano, TX

The average adult makes an approximate 35,000 remotely conscious decisions on a daily basis.  Of course, each decision carries certain consequences – whether good or bad.  For many people, at a certain point in their life, there will be a decision that needs to be made about the care of our parents or other elderly relative when they can no longer care for themselves.  Home health care services in Plano can make these hard decisions a little easier providing support, relief, quality and assurance when caring for an aging loved one.

Aging parents often do not want to be a “burden” on their children and will often hide their ailments from families as not wanting to alarm worry.  Often, it is hard to recognize issues during short visits with things that may be getting harder for a loved one including bathing, driving, climbing stairs, and even cooking.  Home care in Plano or nearby locations can provide highly trained and skilled caregivers who can help support graceful aging right at home so that a family caregiver can leave these tasks to someone else and re-focus on just being the daughter or son again.

Sometimes, when ailments are easier to spot home care assistance that is needed could be much simpler and smaller in scope. It may just be that assistance for doctor’s appointments or meal preparation is needed.  It could be having a caregiver friend take Mom out to lunch and to get her hair done when her son is unable to leave work to do so.

For others, the home health care services that they need may be much more serious. If a loved one is struggling with dementia or Alzheimer’s, their condition may require full time care when you or another loved one is unable to provide the constant attention that they need. During late stages of Alzheimer’s, Cancer, etc. end of life home care  would be appropriate. This is where you need not only a technically skilled home care worker, but also one with compassion, patience, and understanding.

Whether small in scope or large in need, home care assistance can be a wonderful benefit to families and clients a like.  As families make these important decisions to keep an aging relative at home, consider how home care can help guide the path to graceful aging.

Monarch Senior Home Care – Caregiver of the Year Award


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September 9, 2018

Monarch senior solutions Congratulates Azucena Arroyo as 2018 Caregiver of the Year Strong Heart Award Winner

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Plano, September 9, 2018– North Texas Area Gerontological Society (NTAGS) recognized the importance of caregivers to long term care communities and the home setting alike Tuesday night.  Monarch Senior Solutions care partners, Lois Mullet and Azucena Arroyo were both recognized as finalists in outstanding care and dedication to those they serve.

From the finalists, Azucena Arroyo was elected 2018 Strong Heart Caregiver of the Year.  Azcuena has been with Monarch Senior Solutions since its inception serving clients and their families alike.

“Azucena has a huge heart that knows no bounds.  She inspires not only the clients she takes care of but others around her.  She mentors new caregivers and helps family members find silver linings in difficult disease processes.  She is an expert in care and an angel to the clients and families she serves.”   Mary Gilliam, Monarch Senior Solutions Administrator


NTAGS is a non-profit voluntary organization dedicated to educating senior advocates interested in improving lives and lifestyles as we age.  Through education, advocacy and networking NTAGS will improve the future of aging.

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If you would like more information, please contact Mary Gilliam at 469-300-2288 or email at info@monarchsenior.com.

Azucena Arroyo – 2018 Strong Heart Caregiver of the Year

Lois Mullett & Azucena Arroyo Finalist and Winner of 2018 NTAGS Caregiver of the Year Awards.